34 Trendy Hair Color Ideas for Men: Stand Out with Highlights

Transforming your look with highlights can make a significant difference, whether you’re going for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement. In this curated list of 34 trendy hair color ideas for men, you’ll find inspiration for every style, from sophisticated grays to vibrant blues and greens. Each idea is designed to cater to different personalities and preferences, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect match for your unique style. As an experienced stylist, I’ve had the pleasure of helping numerous clients achieve their desired looks with these stunning hair color techniques.

From classic dark brown highlights that add depth and dimension to your natural color, to daring blue and green hues that exude confidence and creativity, there’s something for everyone. For those looking for a professional and polished appearance, ash gray and silver highlights offer a distinguished and timeless look. On the other hand, vibrant red and bold blue highlights are perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement and stand out in any crowd. Each idea includes a detailed description of the hair color, style, and the ideal setting, giving you a comprehensive guide to making the best choice for your next hair transformation.

1. Striking Red Streaks on Dark Hair

A bold choice for men looking to add a splash of color, this hairstyle features striking red highlights on a base of dark brown hair. The model has a sharp jawline and angular features, complemented by a black leather jacket. The urban backdrop with red brick buildings lends a gritty, stylish vibe. I’ve had clients go for similar daring transformations, and they always turn out to be conversation starters!

2. Sophisticated Silver Highlights on Ash Gray

For those looking for a refined yet noticeable change, this hairstyle with sophisticated silver highlights on ash gray hair is a perfect match. The man’s chiseled features and smart gray tweed jacket suggest a professional setting or a chic event. I look forward to recreating this look, which perfectly balances subtlety and statement.

3. Warm Blonde Highlights for a Suave Look

Here’s a style that combines warm blonde highlights with dark brown hair, ideal for adding dimension and warmth. The model’s well-groomed beard and stylish navy peacoat provide a sophisticated, urban charm, perfect for men who prefer a polished appearance. I’ve had great success with similar color blends on clients aiming for a natural yet enhanced look.

4. Edgy Blue Highlights on Dark Hair

This youthful and edgy hairstyle showcases vibrant blue highlights on dark hair. It’s a fantastic choice for men wanting to stand out. The model sports a casual black tee against a colorful graffiti wall, giving off a laid-back, artistic vibe. I’m eager to try out this dynamic look on someone who enjoys pushing style boundaries.

5. Classic Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Featuring classic blonde highlights on brown hair, this look is timeless and suits various occasions. The model’s casual beach setting in a light linen shirt underscores a relaxed yet fashionable summer vibe. This style has been a hit among my clients who enjoy a sun-kissed, natural hair color upgrade.

6. Fresh Green Highlights on Dark Hair

Perfect for those who love a bold, unconventional look, this hairstyle with fresh green highlights on dark hair really makes a statement. The model’s modern outfit and urban background complement the vibrant hair color. Having worked with similar daring hues, I’m always thrilled to see how these colors transform a person’s overall style.

7. Understated Elegance with Dark Brown and Ash Highlights

This hairstyle exudes understated elegance with its blend of dark brown and soft ash highlights. The model’s outdoor urban setting and stylish bomber jacket add a rugged yet refined touch. It’s a versatile look that I’ve often recommended for those who want a subtle change with a lot of styles.

8. Bold Teal Highlights on Dark Hair

For a look that’s both eye-catching and stylish, these teal highlights on dark hair are perfect. The model’s smart casual attire and city street backdrop make it an ideal choice for someone with a vibrant personality. I’m looking forward to bringing this exciting color contrast to my clients looking for something uniquely expressive.

9. Beach Blonde Highlights for a Sun-Kissed Look

This look features sun-kissed blonde highlights that perfectly complement the natural brown base, ideal for a breezy beach day. The model’s sharp jawline and sunglasses add a touch of mystery. Wearing a light linen shirt, he stands against a clear blue sky backdrop. I’ve frequently suggested this hair color for clients aiming for that effortless summer vibe.

10. Vibrant Green Highlights on Dark Hair

This hairstyle stands out with its vibrant green highlights on a dark base, suitable for those looking to make a bold statement. The model’s attire and urban backdrop with blue elements enhance the striking hair color. Having worked with similar adventurous shades, I’m excited to recreate this style for clients ready to turn heads.

11. Chocolate Brown with Soft Copper Highlights

Here we see a fantastic blend of chocolate brown and soft copper highlights that provide warmth and depth. The model’s thoughtful expression, paired with his cozy orange jacket in a café setting, adds to the overall inviting and warm atmosphere. It’s a color choice I often recommend for its versatility and rich hue.

12. Stylish Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Featuring stylish ash blonde highlights on dark brown hair, this look is polished and sophisticated. The model’s sharp suit and the professional setting make it an excellent choice for modern businessmen. I look forward to giving this distinguished color blend to clients looking for a subtle yet impactful change.

13. Bold Teal and Green Highlights on Long Hair

This hairstyle is particularly striking with its bold teal and green highlights on long, dark hair, set against a vivid, artful background. The model’s intense gaze and unique patterned shirt enhance the edgy look. This is exactly the kind of daring style I love to experiment with for clients who enjoy standing out from the crowd.

14. Brilliant Blue Highlights on Spiked Hair

Brilliant blue highlights make this spiked hairstyle pop. The model’s casual, rock-inspired attire and festival setting complement the dynamic look. I’ve worked with similar bold highlights before and always appreciate how they bring out a person’s edginess and personality.

15. Trendy Platinum Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair

This style features trendy platinum blonde highlights on naturally curly hair, offering a fresh and modern look. The model’s leather jacket and urban backdrop create a sleek, stylish vibe. I’m eager to recommend this look to clients seeking a vibrant new twist on their natural curls.

16. Professional Grey Highlights on Short Hair

Sophisticated grey highlights on short, well-structured hair present a sharp, professional appearance. The model’s modern business attire and the bustling city background are perfectly suited for this refined style. It’s a great option for my clients who want a distinguished yet trendy look in the workplace.

17. Distinguished Grey Highlights in a Sleek Style

The elegance of grey highlights in a sleek hairstyle is showcased perfectly in this professional look. The man’s refined style is enhanced by a fitted grey suit, set against a sophisticated bar background. Ideal for high-powered meetings or upscale social gatherings, this hairstyle reflects a keen sense of modern business fashion. I’ve styled many executives with similar tones, and it’s always a mark of understated confidence.

18. Sunlit Blonde Highlights for a Beach Ready Look

Beach ready and stylish, these sunlit blonde highlights are tailored for a casual yet fashionable appearance. The model’s blue beach shirt and sunglasses project a laid-back, holiday-ready vibe against the ocean backdrop. It’s a look I often suggest for clients aiming for that light, airy feel that works so well in sun-drenched settings.

19. Ash Grey Highlights on Asian Hair

This look features ash grey highlights on dark Asian hair, creating a striking contrast. The model’s black attire and serious expression lend an air of mystery and professionalism. Set against a minimalistic grey background, this style is perfect for those who embrace a modern, fashion-forward appearance. I’m keen on recreating this sophisticated color play for clients who prefer a standout yet elegant look.

20. Bold Red and Black Highlights for a Dynamic Look

Dynamic and bold, this hairstyle features red highlights against a black base, perfect for someone who loves to express their vibrant personality. Set against an urban sunset backdrop, the colors mimic the sky’s hues, adding an artistic flair. I’ve done similar vibrant highlights before, and they always give a fresh, exciting vibe to any style.

21. Stylish Caramel Highlights on Short Hair

This hairstyle exudes sophistication with stylish caramel highlights on short dark hair. Wearing a textured red jacket in a cozy café setting, the model’s look is warm and inviting. It’s a perfect style for the autumn season, offering a subtle yet impactful color that enhances the natural richness of dark hair. I’m looking forward to suggesting this warm tone to clients looking for a seasonal update.

22. Classic Wavy Hairstyle with Light Brown Highlights

Featuring classic wavy hair with light brown highlights, this look is timeless and suits any occasion. The model’s deep gaze and sharp attire in a business setting enhance his mature, polished appearance. It’s a look I love to craft, especially for clients who aim for elegance that stands out in professional environments.

23. Striking Red and Black Highlights in a Youthful Cut

Youthful and edgy, this hairstyle with striking red and black highlights is perfect for those who dare to be different. The model’s casual red sweater and the vibrant cityscape at dusk set a bold, adventurous tone. Having worked with similar daring combinations, I always enjoy seeing how such dynamic colors can transform a look.

24. Vibrant Green Highlights on Dark Hair

Vibrant green highlights on a dark base make this hairstyle stand out dramatically. The model’s thoughtful pose in an urban setting, paired with a casual jacket, gives off a trendy, contemporary vibe. This type of bold coloring is what I love to recommend for clients wanting to make a strong style statement that captures attention.

25. Dark Brown Elegance

In this image, the gentleman showcases a classic dark brown hair color with subtle highlights. His hair is styled with a slight wave, adding volume and movement. His face is framed by a well-groomed beard, enhancing his chiseled features. He’s dressed in a crisp white shirt, exuding sophistication. The background appears to be a modern, well-lit office, indicating a professional environment. I can’t wait to replicate this refined look for clients seeking a polished appearance.

26. Bold Blue Statement

Here, we have an edgy look featuring vibrant blue hair color with darker blue highlights. The hair is short and styled in a sleek, modern cut. This style pairs perfectly with his clean-shaven face, accentuating his sharp jawline. He’s wearing a graphic tee, adding to his youthful and rebellious vibe. The colorful graffiti wall behind him creates a striking contrast, ideal for clients looking to make a bold fashion statement.

27. Green Flair with Confidence

This gentleman’s hair features a striking green color with dark roots, creating a bold contrast. His medium-length hair is styled with a tousled, casual look that matches his confident expression. The subtle beard complements his facial structure. He’s dressed in a green t-shirt, perfectly matching his hair. The background of a bright, modern apartment highlights his trendy and fashion-forward personality. This is a fantastic choice for clients eager to try something daring and unique.

28. Sophisticated Silver Touch

In this image, the man flaunts a sophisticated ash gray hair color with subtle silver highlights. His hair is neatly styled, giving him a distinguished and professional look. He’s wearing a dark turtleneck and a grey blazer, which adds to his refined style. The background is an urban setting, possibly a city street, reflecting his modern and polished lifestyle. I look forward to helping clients achieve this elegant and timeless hair color.

29. Nightlife Blue

This young man rocks a vibrant blue hair color with darker undertones. His hair is styled in a trendy undercut with the top longer and swept to one side. He’s wearing a denim jacket over a black t-shirt, perfect for a night out. The background of a city street at night, with blurred lights, adds to the urban, edgy feel of the look. This hairstyle is perfect for clients who want to stand out in the crowd.

30. Sleek Ash Blonde

This photo features a man with sleek ash blonde hair with darker roots, creating a stylish contrast. His hair is neatly cut and styled, giving a polished look. He’s dressed in a dark denim jacket and a white t-shirt, exuding a casual yet sophisticated vibe. The setting appears to be an industrial background with metallic elements, adding to the modern feel. I’m excited to offer this look to clients who want a contemporary and clean hairstyle.

31. Red Highlights with Attitude

Here, the gentleman showcases a bold look with dark hair and vibrant red highlights. His hair is styled in a trendy, slightly messy look that complements his confident expression. He’s wearing a black leather jacket over a dark sweater, perfect for an edgy, urban style. The background of a city street enhances the overall cool and rebellious vibe. This hairstyle is ideal for clients looking to add a pop of color and attitude to their look.

32. Distinguished Grey Highlights

This man features a distinguished look with dark ash gray hair and subtle lighter gray highlights. His hair is neatly styled, enhancing his mature and professional appearance. He’s dressed in a well-fitted grey suit with a polka dot tie, exuding sophistication and class. The background of a bustling city street adds to the dynamic and successful image. I look forward to recreating this refined and elegant hairstyle for clients.

33. Sleek Elegance in the City

This gentleman’s hairstyle features a sleek, side-swept look with subtle highlights that enhance the natural flow of his dark hair. I’ve had clients request similar understated elegance, and this style would perfectly suit a professional setting or a sophisticated event. His refined black coat with stylish buttons adds a layer of urban chic, ideal for a crisp day in the city or a formal outdoor gathering.

34. Urban Casual with Chocolate Brown Highlights

This look is perfect for the modern man on the go. The chocolate brown highlights subtly added to his natural dark hair create a warm, inviting tone that blends seamlessly into the bustling street scene. I can’t wait to replicate this look for clients who prefer a blend of casual yet polished styles. His bomber jacket and layered shirts suggest a relaxed yet put-together look suitable for a night out or a casual business meeting in an urban setting.

In conclusion, experimenting with hair color highlights can be a game-changer, providing a fresh and modern twist to your appearance. Whether you prefer subtle changes or bold transformations, these 34 ideas will inspire you to try something new and exciting. As a stylist, I’m eager to help you achieve the perfect look that not only enhances your features but also boosts your confidence. So, take the plunge and explore these trendy hair color ideas to find the one that best expresses your personality and style.

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