35 Stunning Hairstyles for Men with Glasses: Discover Your Signature Look

In a world where fashion meets functionality, eyewear combined with the right hairstyle can truly define your style and personality. This comprehensive guide provides 35 dynamic and stylish haircut ideas specifically tailored for men who wear glasses. From the suave sleek backs suited for corporate moguls to the lively curly tops perfect for the creative souls, each style is designed to complement both your facial features and your glasses. Whether you opt for minimalist frames or bold statement glasses, there’s a hairstyle in our collection that will enhance your look and highlight your best features.

Each hairstyle suggestion is not just about following trends; it’s about creating a look that resonates with your personal style and comfort. These looks are versatile, ranging from high-volume waves that give off a carefree vibe to precisely styled cuts that exude sophistication and readiness for any professional challenge. The chosen styles cater to various hair types and lengths, ensuring that every man can find something that suits his unique taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re revamping your style or just looking for a way to spruce up your everyday look, these hairstyles will provide the inspiration you need.

1. Sleek Silver Side-Parted Style with Glasses

In this portrait, the young man features a sleek, side-parted silver haircut that complements his oval face and the professional, dark-framed glasses. His look is refined, suited for an urban office setting, with a crisp, light grey sweater over a black turtleneck. I’ve styled similar tones in the past, and clients adore the modern yet sophisticated vibe it gives.

2. Classic Executive Cut with Tortoise Shell Glasses

Here, we see a medium length, neatly combed back hairstyle that matches perfectly with his tortoise shell glasses. His square face shape is enhanced by the classic suit and tie combination, ideal for a corporate environment or a high-stakes business meeting. This style brings out a mature, confident persona, which I often recommend for clients looking to impress in the professional realm.

3. Edgy Undercut with Black Shades

This gentleman sports an edgy undercut with a sharp fade, paired with dark, stylish sunglasses. It’s a look that screams street style, perfect for a casual day out in the city or a cool café setting. His leather jacket adds to the rugged charm, making it a popular choice among my younger, fashion-forward clients.

4. Trendy Textured Top with Casual Sunglasses

The textured, voluminous top of this hairstyle paired with casual, round-framed sunglasses makes for a laid-back yet trendy look. This style is seen against a backdrop of a vibrant, urban street, adding to its youthful appeal. It’s a hit with clients who prefer a more relaxed, yet fashionable appearance.

5. Curly Casual with Round Glasses

Showcasing a natural curly top paired with round, light-framed glasses, this style is perfect for a creative workspace or a casual meet-up at a local coffee shop. The denim jacket adds a touch of laid-back cool, making this a favorite for those who sport a more artistic or free-spirited lifestyle.

6. Refined Buzz Cut with Classic Glasses

This minimalist buzz cut paired with classic, square-framed glasses offers a look of sharp intelligence and sophistication. Set against a grayscale background, the style exudes a timeless elegance, perfect for a gallery opening or a sophisticated event downtown. It’s a clean and simple style that always catches the eye of clients looking for a low-maintenance yet classy look.

7. Blonde Pompadour with Vintage Glasses

The blonde pompadour combined with vintage-inspired glasses captures a retro yet modern vibe. This look would not be out of place in a high-end salon or a fashionable boutique. The combination of the hair’s volume and the sophisticated attire suggests a chic, artistic personality, which is always a pleasure to recreate for clients aiming for a standout style.

8. Suave Side Sweep with Amber Glasses

This gentleman’s side-swept hairstyle paired with amber glasses is a testament to timeless style mixed with a touch of modern flair. His checkered suit and subtle background of a classic barbershop or gentlemen’s club highlight a keen eye for detail. I’ve crafted similar looks for clients attending significant social gatherings, and the response is always overwhelmingly positive.

9. Textured Taper with Warm-Toned Glasses

This man showcases a textured taper haircut styled in a modern fashion with a significant volume on top, paired effectively with warm-toned glasses. The style complements his heart-shaped face and casual gray t-shirt, ideal for an everyday look. I often suggest this cut to clients who want a blend of ease and style, perfect for a relaxed yet presentable appearance at casual gatherings or a stylish day at the office.

10. Sleek and Structured with Round Metal Glasses

This style is all about precision and class, featuring a sleek, side-swept look that works brilliantly with his round, minimalist metal glasses. Set against an urban backdrop, the combination of his trench coat and turtleneck speaks volumes about his fashionable, sophisticated lifestyle. It’s a style I’m keen to recreate for clients aiming for that polished, city-smart look.

11. Long Wavy Locks with Stylish Glasses

Long, wavy hair coupled with stylish, large-framed glasses gives this man a distinctly bohemian vibe. He’s dressed in a classic leather jacket, suggesting a blend of rugged and refined tastes, perfect for creative or musical environments. This is a popular choice among my clients who prefer a more relaxed, artistic hairstyle that matches their dynamic, expressive personalities.

12. Sharp Executive Style with Elegant Glasses

Featuring a sharp, clean-cut style with perfectly styled hair swept to the side, this man’s look is enhanced by elegant glasses. His smart business attire suggests this style is tailored for professional settings like corporate meetings or upscale events. I often recommend this look for clients who want to assert confidence and professionalism in their workplace.

13. Casual Curly Style with Modern Glasses

This effortlessly cool curly hairstyle paired with modern, sleek glasses fits right into a laid-back lifestyle, suitable for casual outings or creative workplaces. His light, earth-toned attire complements the relaxed, natural curls, which I’ve found to be a hit for clients who value comfort and style without too much fuss.

14. Polished Pompadour with Vintage-Inspired Glasses

Here’s a polished pompadour that exudes a timeless appeal, matched with vintage-inspired glasses that frame his face perfectly. The setting in a refined dining space or an upscale cafe adds to the charm, making it an excellent choice for those who frequent social hotspots or engage in professional networking.

15. Edgy Blonde Top with Fashion Glasses

An edgy, spiked blonde top combined with fashion-forward glasses creates a youthful and vibrant look. This style is particularly appealing to my clients who are into the latest trends and enjoy standing out in social settings. It’s perfect for a casual day in the park or an adventurous night out.

16. Sleek Side Part with Minimalist Glasses

This gentleman’s sleek side part and minimalist glasses provide a clean, understated look that’s perfect for both professional environments and casual outings. His attire suggests a preference for smart-casual dress codes, and the background of a bustling city street adds an urban edge. It’s a classic style that I love to recommend for its versatility and ease of maintenance.

17. Modern Casual Quiff with Bold Glasses

This style features a modern quiff with well-defined texture and volume, paired with bold, black-framed glasses. The casual setting, amidst a bustling urban street, adds a dynamic element to his overall look, suited for a young professional or a university student. This cut is frequently requested by my clients who enjoy a balance of formality and spontaneity in their daily attire.

18. Polished Sweep Back with Thin Frame Glasses

Here we have a polished sweep-back hairstyle that perfectly complements his thin, round frame glasses. His look, set against a cafe background with soft lighting, suggests a preference for sophisticated, yet understated style. It’s a great choice for those who frequent coffee shops or casual business meetings. This hairstyle is a popular request for its versatile appeal.

19. Voluminous Top with Contemporary Glasses

This look sports a voluminous top with subtle waves, matched with contemporary, geometric glasses. The combination is particularly appealing for an art or design environment, reflecting creativity and modernity. The soft, earthy tones of his jacket blend well with the urban background, making it a sought-after style for creative professionals.

20. Classic Combed Back Style with Trendy Glasses

Featuring a classic combed-back style, this hairstyle is paired with trendy glasses, creating a sharp and smart appearance. Set against a restaurant backdrop, it’s ideal for a dinner date or a professional gathering. This style is a favorite among clients who prefer a more refined, classic look that speaks of maturity and professionalism.

21. Textured Casual with Urban Edge Glasses

This textured, casual hairstyle paired with modern, urban edge glasses suits a laid-back yet stylish lifestyle. Seen against a park backdrop, it’s perfect for weekend outings or a relaxed day in the city. Clients love this for its easy maintenance and fashionable appeal, which fits seamlessly into a casual wardrobe.

22. Sleek Side Part with Classic Glasses

This sleek side part, combined with classic, sophisticated glasses, portrays a look of elegance and authority. His attire suggests a business casual approach, ideal for office settings or professional conferences. It’s a style I recommend to clients who are looking to impress in their professional circles while maintaining a touch of classic charm.

23. Contemporary Blonde Waves with Fashion Glasses

Showcasing contemporary blonde waves paired with chic fashion glasses, this style is perfect for artistic or fashion-forward settings. The modern cut and casual outfit provide a youthful, trendy vibe, great for those in the creative industries or casual business environments looking to make a statement.

24. Sharp Military Cut with Modern Glasses

This sharp military cut paired with modern glasses offers a clean, disciplined look, ideal for someone in a structured or corporate environment. His simple, smart attire, combined with the clean lines of his haircut, makes it a frequent choice among my clients who prefer minimalistic yet impactful styles.

25. Freshly Styled Blonde Sweep with Modern Glasses

This haircut is a beautifully styled blonde sweep that radiates youthful energy, perfectly complemented by the contemporary black glasses. His casual grey t-shirt against an urban backdrop makes this a versatile look for daily wear or a spontaneous night out. It’s a style I often suggest to clients who want a fresh, vibrant look that’s both stylish and approachable.

26. Sophisticated Slick Back with Dark Rim Glasses

The sophisticated slick back here is paired with dark rimmed glasses, giving off a polished business-casual vibe. This gentleman’s style, set in a modern office environment, is perfect for professionals who prefer a refined appearance that commands respect and admiration in corporate settings.

27. Natural Curly Charm with Circular Glasses

Here’s a natural curly hairstyle that exudes a free-spirited charm, matched with trendy circular glasses. Set against a green, lush background, this look is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities or have a creative flair. This hairstyle is particularly popular among my clients who appreciate a more organic, effortless style.

28. Edgy Urban Tousle with Bold Glasses

An edgy tousled look paired with bold, black glasses captures the essence of urban chic. This style is set against a busy cityscape, suitable for a young professional or creative artist who thrives in vibrant settings. This look is a favorite for its dynamic appeal and the confidence it projects.

29. Sleek and Sharp with Classic Glasses

This sleek and sharp hairstyle, matched with classic glasses, makes a strong statement of elegance and sophistication. His smart, casual attire in a café setting suggests a style suited for young entrepreneurs or business casual environments. I recommend this haircut for clients looking to impress with a clean, commanding presence.

30. Curly Top with Minimalist Glasses

Featuring a curly top and minimalist glasses, this look is both stylish and laid-back, perfect for casual outings or creative workplaces. The simplicity of his style, combined with a comfortable outdoor setting, appeals to clients who prefer a more relaxed yet fashionable look.

31. Dapper Wave with Trendy Glasses

This dapper wavy hairstyle paired with trendy glasses is ideal for a polished, sophisticated look. Seen here in a high-end setting, it’s perfect for formal events or important business meetings. Clients love this style for its classic charm and modern twist.

32. Casual Brush Up with Stylish Glasses

A casual brush up style combined with stylish glasses, set against a bustling urban background, offers a smart, accessible look that’s easy to maintain. This style is popular among young professionals and college students who want a sharp yet effortless appearance suitable for both academic and social settings.

33. Curly Casual with Chic Glasses

This style features a lively, naturally curly haircut that frames the face beautifully, paired with chic round glasses. The casual coffee shop setting enhances his relaxed yet stylish look, making it ideal for daily wear or informal meetings. It’s a popular choice among my clients who prefer a more laid-back, yet fashionable appearance.

34. Classic Sleek Back with Sophisticated Glasses

Showcasing a classic sleek back combined with sophisticated tortoise-shell glasses, this hairstyle exudes elegance and maturity. Set against a formal background, it’s perfect for professional settings or upscale events. This is a go-to style for clients aiming for a polished and refined look that commands respect.

35. Modern Brush Up with Bold Glasses

This modern brush-up hairstyle is paired with bold, angular glasses, giving it a sharp and contemporary edge. The outdoor, natural setting contrasts nicely with his urban-inspired look, making this style versatile for both nature lovers and city dwellers. It’s especially favored by my clients who enjoy a blend of modern aesthetics with practical functionality.

In conclusion, embracing a hairstyle that works harmoniously with your glasses can boost your confidence and refine your image. This collection of 35 hairstyles offers a wide spectrum of options, encouraging you to experiment and find that perfect match that not only suits your glasses but also complements your life’s rhythm and style. Remember, the right hairstyle can be transformative, so choose one that truly represents who you are and helps you step out into the world with assurance and flair.

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