49 Striking Hipster Beard Styles to Inspire Your Next Grooming Adventure

Creating the perfect beard is an entire art, a creative process that blends personal expression with cultural heritage. In the realm of hipster beards, diversity is the hallmark – each beard tells its own story, reveals personality and adds layers to a man’s mystique. This guide is a gallery of 49 unique hipster beard styles that will serve as inspiration for those about to embark on a beard grooming journey. From rough to sophisticated, these styles don’t just follow trends-they set them. Join us as we dive into the world of hipster beards, where every tendril plays a role in creating individuality. Whether you’re a beard aficionado or a newbie looking to shape your first beard, these ideas will let your imagination run wild and perhaps inspire a fresh, new look.

The hipster beard has become a symbol of modern sophistication and a nod to the nostalgic past. Its resurgence has brought about an eclectic mix of styles that meld the vintage with the contemporary. In this article, we delve into the various facets of hipster beard styles for men, highlighting key examples and offering styling tips to inspire your next grooming adventure.

The Impeccably Groomed Beard

Picture a man whose beard exemplifies the pinnacle of grooming—a harmonious blend of meticulous shaping and natural growth. His full beard cascades with finesse, shaped to a T, complementing the sleek hair styled with a pompadour flair. This look, a quintessential hipster beard style, exudes an air of classic masculinity paired with a modern twist. It’s the sort of beard that demands respect, embodying a sense of maturity and deliberate personal styling.

The Natural Redhead

A vibrant ginger beard, thick and lush, is a head-turner. In the image, the beard flows naturally, its rich, fiery hues lending warmth to the bearer’s visage. Paired with a casual tweed cap, the look harks back to an era of timeless elegance. This redhead’s hipster beard haircut is simple, allowing the full, unsculpted beard to take center stage, and it speaks to the hipster bearded men who embrace their unique color with pride.

The Denim-Clad Visionary

Here, we see a hipster beard melded with artistic flair—dark and dense, it is a canvas of personal expression. The subject sports a vintage-inspired cap, round glasses, and a denim shirt that echoes the blue-collar roots of the hipster movement. The beard is full yet refined, making a statement that is both bold and sophisticated. This style captures the essence of the hipster beard and hair trend, where the beard becomes a part of one’s identity.

Sleek and Styled

In contrast to more rugged styles, this hipster beard style for men is about sharp lines and sleek presentation. The beard is full but well-trimmed, a counterpoint to the coiffed, voluminous hair. The subject’s blue tee suggests a relaxed approach to life, yet his polished look indicates a man who attends to the finer details. This style is for the man who owns his space with confidence and charm.

Streetwise and Suave

Next is an image of casual sophistication—the beard is full, the mustache expertly twirled, and the hair swept back in a carefree yet calculated manner. The subject’s attire, a smart green jacket over a clean white tee, adds a touch of understated elegance. This hipster beard style is for the man who navigates the city streets with an easy swagger and an appreciation for craft and culture.

The Intense Brooder

The man in this photo carries the weight of his thoughts in his intense gaze, and his beard is a reflection of this depth. The dark, full beard and styled hair bring forth a vibe of the brooding intellectual. This is a hipster beard bald style that makes a statement of unspoken power and a touch of mystery—a style for the thinker and the dreamer.

The Tattooed Maverick

The subject of this image combines a precisely shaped beard and a coiffed hairstyle with the rebellious edge of tattoos. His style is a blend of refinement and edginess, embodying the hipster beard drawing inspiration from the rebellious spirit of yesteryears’ artists and musicians. It’s a style that balances professionalism with personal expression.

Artistic in Blue

This image features a man before a backdrop reminiscent of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” His beard is full and neat, framing a thoughtful expression. His hairstyle is swept back, and the button-up shirt reflects a modern take on classic style. This is the hipster beard style for the creative soul, a man whose personal aesthetics are as rich and textured as the art he admires.

The Laid-Back Denim Enthusiast

Imagine a man whose beard embodies the spirit of the laid-back urbanite. His full, well-maintained beard speaks of a relaxed confidence, complemented by a neatly swept-back hairstyle that echoes the nonchalance of a Sunday morning. His denim jacket, worn open, adds an air of approachable coolness. This is the hipster beard style that straddles the line between effort and effortlessness—a style for the man who makes casual look fashionable.

The Tattooed Trendsetter

Pictured here is the juxtaposition of ruggedness and modern fashion. The man’s dense beard, paired with a carefully coiffed hairstyle and striking tattoos peering through the collar of a pristine white T-shirt, presents a narrative of bold self-expression. This hipster beard style for men is an homage to the bold and the fearless—those who wear their life stories with pride.

A Portrait of Wild Freedom

This image captures a wild, untamed hipster beard, flowing freely beneath a weathered hat. The beard, with streaks of gray, hints at wisdom gained from a life of adventure. His piercing blue eyes, set against the backdrop of a plaid shirt and denim jacket, tell stories of open roads and starlit skies. Here, the hipster beard is not just a style; it’s a testament to a life lived authentically.

The Urban Craftsman

In this photo, we see a man whose style is a nod to the industrious heritage of hipsterdom. His beard, full and meticulously shaped, twirls at the ends in a nod to the barbershop revival. Wearing a workman’s cap and suspenders, he evokes the spirit of a bygone era, seamlessly integrating it with the urban landscape. This hipster beard and hair combination is for the man who values craftsmanship and style in equal measure.

Brooding with Style

Here stands a man whose beard speaks volumes about his reflective nature. His full beard is well-groomed, complementing a hairstyle that’s both wild and controlled—much like the thoughts of a poet. His layered attire, a mix of textures and patterns, adds depth to his enigmatic presence. This hipster beard style for men is for those who find beauty in the depths of contemplation.

The Bold Urbanite

In the next image, we encounter a man whose hipster beard style is a declaration of confidence. His full, fiery red beard makes a striking contrast with his stylish haircut and intricate neck tattoos. His confident gaze, directed at the viewer, is as captivating as his beard is impressive. This style is for the modern-day hipster who commands attention with ease.

The Quiet Revolutionary

The man portrayed here is the epitome of quiet strength. His beard, rich in texture and color, speaks of a subtle rebellion against the clean-shaven norm. Paired with a contemporary hairstyle and his sharp gaze, this look is an understated challenge to conventional style. This hipster beard style embodies a whisper of change rather than a shout.

The Creative Soul

His beard, a thick mane framing a thoughtful expression, is a work of art itself. His casual denim jacket and crisp white shirt suggest a refined taste that complements his creative spirit. This hipster beard style is for the man whose life is as colorful and expressive as the murals that adorn the city walls.

A Blaze of Glory

The man in this photograph wears his fiery red beard with a fierceness that’s hard to miss. The meticulously groomed beard pairs with a hairstyle that’s as daring as it is precise, standing tall like a flame. The denim jacket adds a rugged touch, complementing his tattooed neck—a canvas of boldness. This is the hipster beard for the man whose presence is both fiery and magnetic.

The Sculpted Visionary

Here, we encounter a twist on tradition—literally. The beard is not just grown; it is sculpted into elaborate curls at the ends, showcasing the wearer’s flair for creativity and attention to detail. Paired with a hairstyle that matches in volume and intrigue, this look is an artistic interpretation of the hipster beard style, perfect for the man who views grooming as an art form.

Retro Refinement

This image captures a hipster beard that would feel at home in a vintage study room. The full, well-maintained beard, round glasses, and a hairstyle swept back with a scholarly air speak of an affinity for the classics. The look is thoughtful and calculated, embodying a hipster beard style that bridges past intellect with present-day poise.

The Urban Gentleman

The man in this photograph brings a new level of sophistication to the hipster beard. The beard is full and impeccably groomed, complementing the clean lines of his hairstyle. His sharp attire, complete with a blazer and pocket square, elevates the beard to the peak of urban sophistication—a style for the modern gentleman who pairs his beard with a business acumen.

Rugged and in Control

With a piercing gaze and a commanding presence, the man pictured here sports a beard that’s as intense as his stare. The full beard, edged with precision, pairs with a hairstyle that’s stylish yet unpretentious. His denim jacket, worn with a natural authority, makes this hipster beard style one for the leader of the pack.

The Fashion-Forward Maverick

This image showcases a man whose style is as sharp as the edge of a knife. The full beard is complemented by a hairstyle that screams edge and individuality. With a gaze that’s confident and a style that’s avant-garde, this is the hipster beard for the man who’s at the forefront of fashion.

Wild at Heart

The individual in this photo exudes a bohemian charm that’s irresistible. His wild, unruly beard and carefree hairstyle tell a story of a man who dreams with his eyes wide open. Wearing a casual, earth-toned jacket, this hipster beard style is for those who walk to the beat of their own drum.

A Symphony in Style

In photograph, we find a man whose hipster beard is as soulful as a heartfelt melody. His full beard flows naturally, perfectly framing his contemplative expression. His hairstyle is a composition of curls, much like the notes in a symphony, and his checkered shirt adds a touch of everyday poise. This is the hipster beard style for the man whose life is a continuous flow of rhythm and rhyme.

The Classic Combed Hipster

Evoking the elegance of a bygone era, the gentleman in the first photograph presents a meticulously combed hipster beard. The hair is swept back in a wave, exhibiting a shine that speaks of careful grooming. His beard, a rich chestnut, is thick and full, with a mustache that’s expertly twisted at the ends, hinting at a penchant for precision. It’s the perfect hipster beard haircut for the man who appreciates vintage flair with a contemporary edge. This style pairs well with a tweed blazer or a vest, adding a touch of sophistication to a classic look.

The Rustic Rogue

The second style whispers tales of rustic charm. Here, we see a hipster bearded man whose facial hair is rugged yet unmistakably styled. The beard appears naturally untamed but is well-maintained, complementing the warm hues of a worn leather jacket and a flat cap. His round glasses add a touch of intellect to the overall look, making this hipster beard style a fitting choice for those who blend outdoor ruggedness with a hint of academia.

The Slick Businessman

Moving on to a more urban appeal, the third image presents a hipster beard and hair combination that’s perfect for the modern professional. The beard is full, yet trim, showcasing cleanliness and sharp lines. Coupled with a slicked-back hairstyle, this look is versatile, transitioning effortlessly from the boardroom to a night out in the city. This style fits the hipster beard styles for men who keep their attire crisp, with tailored suits and polished shoes.

The Tattooed Maverick

In stark contrast, the fourth gentleman embodies the spirit of the hipster beard bald look, accentuated by an array of vivid tattoos. His beard is dense and voluminous, stretching down to create a bold silhouette. His hairstyle, short on the sides and swept up on top, creates a balance that frames his face. This audacious style makes a statement and is suited for the man who lives by his own rules and isn’t afraid to show it.

The Casual Charmer

The fifth style is casual yet striking, featuring a neatly kept beard and a relaxed hairstyle. The man’s soft gaze is framed by his full beard, which is trimmed to a comfortable length, highlighting his strong jawline. The overall look is effortlessly stylish, making it a prime example of hipster beard styles for men who prefer a low-maintenance yet attractive aesthetic. It’s a style that goes well with a denim jacket or a simple tee, ideal for the everyday man.

The Sophisticated Sculptor

Here we see a style that’s meticulously crafted, with a beard that’s sculpted to perfection. The individual sports a beard that blends seamlessly with his hairstyle—a testament to the hipster beard and hair harmony. His piercing gaze is intensified by the dark and defined lines of his facial hair. It’s a style for those who view their appearance as a work of art.

The Vintage Visionary

In the seventh depiction, the vintage aesthetic is celebrated with a full, curly beard and coiffed hair, reminiscent of the styles from the 20th century’s early decades. This hipster beard style is paired with a plain white tee that provides a canvas for the beard to truly stand out. It’s a bold statement that meshes the past with the present.

The Modern Minimalist

Concluding our style guide is the modern minimalist. This individual dons a beard that’s neatly outlined, emphasizing a clean, angular look. It’s a testament to the hipster beard drawing inspiration from the simplicity of modern design. The understated style is perfect for those who believe in the power of subtle elegance.

The Artistic Maverick

Encapsulating the essence of a contemporary Bohemian, the subject in this image stands as a testament to hipster beard bald bravado. His substantial beard, thick and unruly, is complemented by a wealth of tattoos that hint at a life rich with stories. The ash-gray fedora and circular amber-tinted glasses add an artistic flair, marrying the eclectic with the hipster beard style seamlessly. This look would not be out of place in a gallery opening or a casual café in the heart of the city, where creativity is the currency of choice.

The Gingered Siren

In the next photo, a fiery ginger beard takes center stage, its hues as vibrant as autumn. The gentleman sports a twisted mustache that spirals with intent, framing a stoic expression marked by sea-blue eyes. This hipster beard haircut plays with contrast—the vivid beard against the coolness of his tattoos and the oceanic depth of his gaze. It’s a style for the man whose presence is felt before words are spoken, perfect for a casual yet bold statement piece.

The Urban Woodsman

Here we have a fusion of the wilderness and urban chic. The beard, full and well-groomed, partners with a hairstyle that is slicked back with precision. This style speaks to the hipster beard styles for men who navigate the concrete jungle with the spirit of the wild at their hearts. A denim shirt left casually unbuttoned over a plain white tee completes the look that’s as comfortable at a rooftop bar as it is on a secluded trail.

The Poetic Wanderer

The man in this image wears his beard like a badge of honor—it’s full, with waves of curls that catch the light. His hair, swept back in a carefree manner, suggests a wind-touched look. The mustard yellow of his jacket adds a pop of color, and the scarf suggests an air of mystery, reminiscent of the hipster beard and hair archetype. This look is perfect for the traveler who collects memories like passport stamps and wears them with quiet confidence.

The Red-Haired Rebel

Striking in its boldness, the individual in this photograph boasts a crimson beard that demands attention. His hair, styled in a modern pompadour, adds an edge to the hipster beard haircut that’s both rebellious and refined. Tattoos peeking from beneath the shirt hint at a maverick personality—a man who charts his own course with a steady hand and a fierce heart.

The Nouveau Dandy

Exuding a dandyish charm, this gentleman’s beard is sculpted with care, its lines clean and deliberate. His hairstyle, a playful arrangement of curls, gives a nod to the past while firmly staying in the present. It’s the hipster beard and hair synergy for the modern man who appreciates the fine line between grooming and artistry, and walks that line with a knowing smile.

The Inked Intellectual

Intelligence and intensity radiate from the man in this image. His beard, a deep chestnut, is full yet meticulously groomed, framing a pensive gaze. The tattoos that climb his neck tell their own tales, and his spectacles suggest a love for the literary. This hipster bearded men’s style is for the philosopher, the writer, or the thinker who finds depth in detail.

The Effortless Sophisticate

Finally, we come to a style that is the epitome of effortless sophistication. With a beard that’s rich in texture and a hairstyle that’s flawlessly swept back, the man here is a paragon of hipster beard chic. His denim shirt is a classic, never out of style and always on point. This is a look for those who understand that true style is not just about the clothes you wear, but the way you carry your story with you.

The Laid-Back Urbanite

This look is a harmonious blend of relaxed and refined. The gentleman’s beard is a full-bodied masterpiece, brushed to casual perfection. Coupled with a knit hat and amber-tinted round glasses, this style screams comfort without compromising on the hipster beard aesthetic. His layered denim and plaid attire suggest a weekend stroll through the city’s eclectic neighborhoods or a quiet afternoon in a favored bookshop.

The Timeless Trendsetter

In this portrait, we witness a hipster beard style that pays homage to timeless fashion. The neatly coiled mustache is a classic touch to the wild, untamed beard. A flat cap and a denim jacket, essentials of the hipster wardrobe, complement his dark, thought-provoking gaze. This style captures the essence of a man who values the past but lives fully in the now, striding confidently through cobblestone streets and modern avenues alike.

The Distinguished Gentleman

Next, we have a visage that radiates wisdom and poise. The beard is sculpted with a touch of flair, notably in the mustache that curls with practiced care. His stern look, framed by a deep side part and slick hair, reflects a no-nonsense approach to the hipster beard and hair phenomenon. It’s a perfect ensemble for the man who commands respect in every room, yet is approachable enough for a conversation over a fine whiskey.

The Bohemian Rhapsodist

Here, a full, natural beard flows freely, paired with a loose-fitting military-style shirt and a well-worn newsboy cap. The glasses add a scholarly air, while the tattoos peeking from the sleeves tell of a free spirit. This style is ideal for those who live for the story, the song, and the canvas, making it a signature hipster beard look for the artist at heart.

The Streetwise Poet

In this image, the subject’s thick, voluminous beard suggests a rugged exterior while the intricately inked tattoos that adorn his arms add depth to his persona. His piercing gaze behind large framed glasses, coupled with a denim jacket, solidifies a look that’s as comfortable in a dive bar as it is at a downtown poetry slam.

The Fiery Visionary

A fiery, ginger beard takes center stage in this photograph. The hair is styled upwards in a modern quiff, complementing the beard’s intense color and voluminous texture. His crisp denim attire and the hint of ink on the neck frame his fiery beard, making it a standout hipster beard haircut for those who aren’t afraid to be bold.

The Soulful Innovator

The style captured here is one of creativity and depth. A twirled mustache sits atop a rich, full beard, flowing with the natural curves of his facial structure. His tattooed temples and contemplative stare offer a glimpse into a soul that cherishes tradition yet yearns for innovation—a perfect reflection of the hipster beard drawing inspiration from both the past and future.

The Maverick Minimalist

Sporting a neatly trimmed beard and a well-groomed hairstyle, this look speaks to the minimalist side of the hipster ethos. His tattoos provide a narrative backdrop to the simplicity of his beard, offering a look that’s understated yet intriguing. It’s a testament to the hipster beard’s versatility, fitting for the man who values subtlety in his style.

The Eclectic Alchemist

Lastly, this image portrays a man whose style is as complex as his thoughts. The beard is full and a little wild, signaling a hipster beard style that’s both raw and thoughtfully cultivated. His elaborate tattoos and styled hair provide contrast to the organic beard, much like an alchemist blending the old with the new to create something truly unique.

Each of these hipster beard styles tells a unique story, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted world of modern masculinity. From the free-spirited to the sleek and sophisticated, the hipster beard remains not just a trend, but a personal statement—a way for each man to articulate his identity in a world that’s constantly evolving.

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