70 Beard Mustache Styles to Redefine the Modern Man: A 2024 Guide

In a world where personal style speaks volumes, the contemporary man wields his facial hair not just as an accessory, but as a bold statement of identity. As we step into 2024, the resurgence of beard mustache styles has taken the forefront of male grooming, becoming a canvas for expression and a testament to individuality. With 70 distinct styles to inspire you, this article is a journey through the art of facial hair, each style offering a unique narrative and aesthetic appeal. From the finesse of a fine trim to the bold declaration of a full-grown beard, we invite you to explore the myriad ways in which a man can reinvent himself. These are not just styles; they are signatures each whisker, each curve, each line telling a story. Whether you’re looking to refine your look or embark on a completely new aesthetic adventure, the following beard mustache ideas serve as your guide to the trends shaping the visage of men in 2024.

The world of men’s grooming is an ever-evolving tapestry, with beard mustache styles sitting at the forefront as a distinguished trend. As we step into 2024, the creativity and individuality expressed through facial hair continue to take center stage. This article delves into the latest beard mustache styles for men, offering not only a glimpse into the current trends but also styling tips to elevate your personal grooming game.

Classic Handlebar & Full Beard

The quintessential mark of the dapper gentleman, this style features a meticulously sculpted handlebar mustache paired with a full, thick beard. It’s a nod to the vintage aesthetic while remaining profoundly modern. The mustache demands attention with its twisted ends, suggesting a flair for the dramatic and an appreciation for the finer details in grooming. As for the beard, its lush density and excellent upkeep speak to a regimen of dedication and care. This style is particularly suited for those wanting to make a bold statement, with the beard mustache tattoo peeking through, adding a rebellious touch.

Sculpted Sophisticate

Here, the harmony between a well-defined beard and an arched mustache exemplifies precision grooming. The beard is trimmed to enhance the jawline, while the mustache is styled with an upward curl at the tips, embodying the essence of beard mustache men who take pride in a polished appearance. This style is versatile, easily transitioning from boardrooms to casual outings, making it a prime choice for those who prefer a sophisticated, yet manageable beard mustache style.

Bohemian Twist

In this style, the mustache takes a whimsical turn with large, spiral curls that bring an artistic bent to the traditional beard mustache ensemble. The curls of the mustache are echoed in the natural waves of the short, textured hair, creating a cohesive and intentionally carefree look. This style suits the creative soul, effortlessly blending the casual with the curated, and might be accompanied by anecdotes of travels or musical soirees.

Modern Monarch

A regal twist to the classic beard and mustache combo, this style is defined by a sculpted mustache with pronounced curls and a beard that’s full but finely shaped. The hair exudes a natural wave, suggesting a laid-back yet authoritative personality. Perfect for the modern man who commands respect and admires the fusion of traditional and contemporary beard mustache styles.

Rugged Artisan

This style speaks to the man who is both hands-on and stylish. The beard is full and untamed, complementing a handlebar mustache that spirals with finesse. This look is for those who live by their own rules, embodying the spirit of the beard mustache tattoo that adds an edge to the overall ruggedness.

Urban Edge

Urban chic meets classic grooming in this beard mustache style. The beard is shaped to a natural contour, while the mustache boasts elaborate curls that demand attention. It’s a style for the trendsetter, the city dweller who takes beard mustache styles 2024 to new heights.

Sleek Maverick

With a dash of rebellion, this beard mustache style for men combines a sleek hairdo with a twisted mustache that defies convention. It’s a testament to personal style and confidence, perfectly blending the realms of the avant-garde and the accessible.

Casual Connoisseur

Closing our list is a style that reflects an easygoing approach to the beard mustache paradigm. The beard is full yet well-groomed, and the mustache, while prominent, doesn’t overpower. It’s ideal for the man who enjoys simplicity with a touch of class.

The Rugged Elegance

Tucked within the realm of beard mustache styles for men is the timeless rugged elegance. This style features a full beard, rich in volume and exuding a natural, unkempt charm. The mustache is distinct yet blends seamlessly with the beard, providing a masculine edge. The hair is swept back in a relaxed pompadour, enhancing the overall look with a touch of sophistication.

Classic Gentleman

Here, we pay homage to a bygone era with a beard mustache style that’s all about precision and grooming. The beard is trimmed short, outlining the jaw with precision, while the mustache takes center stage with its iconic curled tips — a nod to the dapper gents of the past. This style is accompanied by a well-coiffed hairstyle, adding to its classic allure.

Bold and the Beautiful

In this image, we’re graced with a bold beard mustache men’s style that’s not afraid to stand out. The beard is full and meticulously groomed, leading up to a mustache that’s prominent and styled to a slight upward curve at the tips. It’s a style that speaks volumes of confidence and pairs perfectly with a slicked-back hairstyle, making it a popular choice among beard mustache styles 2024.

Modern Viking

This style draws inspiration from the fierce Vikings of old, modernized for today’s beard mustache aficionado. The beard is thick and flows freely, a testament to the wild spirit it embodies. The hair is styled back, with waves that suggest a life of adventure. It’s a look that carries a sense of strength and a connection to the rugged outdoors.

Urban Sophisticate

Moving into the more polished territory of beard mustache styles, this look strikes a balance between the edgy and the refined. The beard is full yet well-trimmed, creating a clean silhouette. Paired with a mustache that’s groomed to perfection and a hairstyle that features modern twists and waves, it’s a style that resonates with the urbane gentleman.

Avant-Garde Twist

For those who embrace the edge of fashion, this beard mustache style is a match. The beard is full, with a mustache that defies convention with its exaggerated handlebar curls. The hair complements the look with a stylish sweep back, creating a visual that’s avant-garde yet incredibly dapper.

Inked Maverick

Here, the beard mustache tattoo culture merges with facial hair styling. The beard and mustache are groomed to showcase the intricate tattoo work on the skin. It’s a bold statement that’s about more than just facial hair — it’s an artful expression of identity.

Modern Classic

This look is a fusion of traditional values and contemporary flair. The beard is full, leading to a mustache that’s styled with an elegant curve — a modern take on the classic handlebar. It’s a style that bridges the gap between the past and present, perfect for the man who respects tradition but lives firmly in the now.

Sculpted Swirl

Envision a masterpiece sculpted not in marble, but in facial hair. This style is an artwork of precision and flair, where the beard is groomed into a neat, yet full silhouette, culminating in a mustache with daring swirls that defy gravity. It’s a statement piece, speaking to a man’s meticulous nature and his bold sense of style.

Windswept Warrior

This look captures the essence of a free spirit with its windswept hair and a mustache that arcs with the courage of a warrior. The beard is full but carefully managed, giving off an air of rough sophistication. It’s a style for the rugged individualist who carries an air of nonchalant elegance.

Sharp Dandy

Here we see a combination of sharp angles and smooth curves. The beard is trimmed to create a striking contour that frames the face, leading to a mustache with tips curled in a perfect circle, reminiscent of a dandy’s elegance. It’s a blend of the classic and the modern, for the man who appreciates the finer details.

Sea Captain

There’s a nautical twist to this beard mustache style. The full, bushy beard suggests a life spent at sea, with a mustache twisted to the firm curls of a captain’s resolve. This style speaks of adventure and stories waiting to be told, perfect for the man who has a tale for every occasion.

Refined Rogue

Imagine a rogue turned gentleman. This beard and mustache combo maintains a touch of wildness while exuding a refined charisma. The mustache is a prominent feature, with upward curves that signify a penchant for the flamboyant, yet the overall look remains impeccably groomed.

Casual Connoisseur

Casual doesn’t mean careless, as evidenced by this beard mustache style. The beard is full, exuding a laid-back vibe, but its well-kept nature shows a connoisseur’s attention to detail. The mustache, twisted at the ends, adds a playful twist to an otherwise relaxed appearance.

Urban Explorer

Here we have a style that’s as versatile as the urban landscapes it’s meant to traverse. The beard is kept at a medium length, signaling a readiness for both the office and the outdoors. The mustache, with its pronounced curls, adds a touch of the explorer’s zest for discovery.

Neo-Vintage Visionary

In this style, vintage meets the new age. The beard is robust and commands attention, while the mustache’s twirled ends hark back to an era of sophistication. It’s a style that’s both a nod to the past and a statement for the future, ideal for the visionary who respects history but writes his own story.

Classic Pompadour and Full Mustache

In the realm of beard mustache styles, a classic pompadour paired with a full, neatly combed mustache represents a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. This style features hair swept upwards and back, with a beard that’s full yet meticulously shaped to highlight the jawline. The mustache is allowed to take center stage, with its ends slightly twisted to exude a vintage charm reminiscent of yesteryears’ dapper gentlemen. Ideal for those with a penchant for the retro-inspired aesthetic, this look is a testament to the wearer’s attention to detail and affinity for classic styles.

Textured Top with Defined Beard Contours

For beard mustache men who prefer a modern twist, the textured top with defined beard contours offers an effortlessly cool demeanor. This style is all about texture, with wavy hair on top adding a dynamic edge. The beard is sculpted with precision, carving out sharp lines that frame the face. A fuller mustache bridges the gap between ruggedness and refinement. It’s a style that speaks to the man who is confident and unafraid to showcase his personality through his grooming choices.

The Sleek Executive

Beard mustache styles for men in professional settings need not be dull. Enter the ‘Sleek Executive’ – a combination of a slicked-back hairstyle with a beard that exudes authority. This look balances a clean and sharp beard outline with a fuller body, complemented by a mustache that’s neatly trimmed to align with the lip line. It’s a power statement, perfect for the boardroom, yet versatile enough for an after-hours gathering. This style is the epitome of being business in the front, party at the chin.

Urban Sophisticate with a Hint of Whimsy

The Urban Sophisticate style is for the man who walks the fine line between a carefree spirit and a polished look. The hair is styled in a casual wave, while the beard and mustache combination brings about an artistic touch with its meticulous grooming. The mustache curls at the ends, providing a playful twist to the otherwise sophisticated facade. It’s a look that pairs well with a leather jacket or a tailored blazer, adaptable to the whims of the city life.

The Rugged Artist

The Rugged Artist is a beard mustache style that embodies the free-spirited and creative individual. The hair’s natural texture is embraced, paired with a beard that’s allowed to grow more freely, yet with intentional shaping to avoid unruliness. The mustache is full, bushy, and merges seamlessly with the beard, presenting an image of a man who is in touch with his natural essence. This look pairs well with denim and earth tones, echoing an organic aesthetic.

Inked Elegance

When discussing beard mustache styles 2024, one cannot overlook the growing trend of beard mustache tattoos. The ‘Inked Elegance’ style is for the bold and the fearless. It’s not just about the facial hair but also about the body art that complements it. The hair is kept in a pompadour, while the beard is shaped to perfection, creating a canvas for the neck and chest tattoos peeking out. This synergy of ink and hair showcases a commitment to one’s self-expression and artistry.

The Modern Vintage

The Modern Vintage style is a nod to the past with a foot firmly in the present. It’s a hybrid look where a voluminous, well-groomed mustache takes the limelight, reminiscent of the 19th-century barbershop styles, while the hair and beard are styled to match today’s fashion standards. This beard mustache style is a favorite among those who appreciate a blend of historical elegance and modern sophistication.

The Contemporary Dandy

Lastly, The Contemporary Dandy is a celebration of individuality and finesse. It features a beard and mustache that are sculpted to highlight the angular features of the face. The hair is styled with a modern quiff, adding height and volume. This look is all about precision and clean lines, suited for the man who takes pride in a polished appearance with a touch of artistic flair.

The Sharp Dapper

Nothing says sharp and sophisticated like a pristine pompadour paired with a handlebar mustache. The Sharp Dapper style features a beard that’s rugged yet meticulously maintained, giving off an air of accessible luxury. The mustache, twirled to perfection, exudes an old-world charisma, making this look perfect for the modern man who appreciates the art of grooming. It’s a look that demands attention and exudes confidence.

The Celtic Warrior

The Celtic Warrior is a salute to the rich history of the highlands. Here we have an effortlessly styled quiff, freckled skin, and a full, fiery red beard that’s sculpted to frame the face without hiding its character. The mustache is styled into a pronounced curl, a nod to the warriors of yore. This look is about embracing one’s heritage with pride and letting one’s natural features shine through.

The Subtle Gentleman

For the man who believes less is more, The Subtle Gentleman is a testament to understated style. A neat, side-parted hairstyle paired with a beard that’s trimmed short to medium length speaks volumes of the wearer’s meticulous nature. The mustache is carefully groomed to maintain a clean line that complements the overall simplicity of this look. It’s ideal for the man whose presence is felt, not announced.

The Contemporary Bohemian

Bohemian meets modern in this style that’s as free-spirited as it is grounded. The tousled hair, styled in a carefree manner, contrasts with a full beard and mustache, both oozing a wild charm that’s hard to ignore. This style suits the artistic soul and the urban explorer, perfectly balancing the line between an untamed essence and the need for a clean, well-kept appearance.

The Denim Explorer

Reminiscent of the adventurous spirit that denim symbolizes, The Denim Explorer style features a perfectly coiffed hairstyle with a voluminous beard that looks like it could withstand the elements. The mustache, hefty and full, completes a look that’s ready for both urban jungles and wild frontiers. It’s a style that pairs well with a leather jacket as much as with a flannel shirt.

The Windswept Visionary

For those who prefer a more flowing and less structured look, The Windswept Visionary offers a casual yet striking appearance. The hair sweeps back as if caught in a perpetual breeze, while the beard and mustache are kept just long enough to accentuate the jawline without appearing overgrown. It’s a favorite among creatives and innovators who are always looking towards the horizon.

The Golden Age Enthusiast

A true homage to the styles of the past, The Golden Age Enthusiast boasts a coiled mustache that harks back to the era of silent film stars. Paired with a well-groomed head of hair and a full beard, it’s a look that marries vintage appeal with contemporary sensibilities. This style is for the man who values tradition yet lives firmly in the present.

The Beachside Bard

Last but not least, The Beachside Bard is the epitome of laid-back elegance. This style features a full beard and a natural wave in the hair, giving off an aura of effortless charm. The mustache, though prominent, doesn’t overpower the relaxed vibe of the overall look. It’s perfect for the man who writes poetry in his head while walking along the shoreline, a true romantic at heart.

Timeless Sculptor

The Timeless Sculptor is a masterwork of balance and symmetry, embodying an aesthetic that transcends eras. The slicked-back hair serves as a polished canvas for the finely sculpted beard and mustache. The mustache itself, with its impressive coiled ends, suggests a flourish of the artist’s hand, adding dramatic flair to the clean lines of the beard. This look is favored by those who carve out their unique path in life with precision and purpose.

The Rugged Voyager

Bold and untamed, the Rugged Voyager reflects the spirit of adventure. The voluminous hair, textured and wild, is tamed only by the controlled chaos of the thick beard and twisted mustache. It speaks to a rugged individualism and a fearless approach to life’s journeys. This style is a favorite among men who command the room with their presence and whose spirit is as free as the open road.

The Urban Pioneer

The Urban Pioneer is a beacon of modern style amidst the concrete jungle. His hair, tousled yet styled with intent, crowns a face that balances a sculpted beard and a whimsically curled mustache. It’s a statement that marries the gruff with the groomed, ideal for the man whose endeavors are as bold as his beard.

The Distinguished Mariner

Evoking the salt of the sea and the spirit of the coast, the Distinguished Mariner boasts a beard as deep as the ocean and a mustache as bold as the waves. His hair, swept back like the tides, complements the fullness of the beard, making this look perfect for the man with a story to tell and the wisdom to tell it.

The Modern Classic

In the Modern Classic, we find a blend of old-school charm and new-age finesse. The hair, with a part as precise as a ruler’s edge, pairs with a beard that’s both lush and tamed. The mustache, twisted at the ends, provides a signature touch, making this style a hallmark for the contemporary gentleman.

The Boho Artist

Free-spirited and expressive, the Boho Artist wears his beard and mustache as he does his art: with passion and individuality. The hair, styled in a creative upheaval, accentuates the warm tones of the beard and the playful curve of the mustache. It’s a style for the man who lives with fervor and loves with intensity.

The Fiery Spirit

With a beard as fiery as the sunsets and a mustache that rides the wind, the Fiery Spirit is a portrait of passion. His hair, wild and wavy, mirrors the free-flowing essence of his beard, capturing the essence of a man whose presence is as memorable as a blaze on the horizon.

Charismatic Enigma

The Charismatic Enigma is a study in contrasts: the sharpness of his eyes against the softness of his beard, the structured hairstyle juxtaposed with the free-flowing mustache. It’s a style that’s both enigmatic and approachable, for the man who keeps the world guessing but always leaves them wanting more.

The Steadfast Maverick

The Steadfast Maverick stands out with his impeccably coiffed hair and a full beard that signifies both strength and discipline. His understated mustache complements the voluminous beard, creating a harmonious balance. It’s a style that speaks to reliability and an unwavering sense of self, ideal for those who are as steadfast in their personal convictions as they are in their grooming routines.

Blue-Eyed Dreamer

Here we have the Blue-Eyed Dreamer, whose piercing gaze is framed by a dynamic quiff and a beard that’s full yet well-maintained. His mustache is a silent narrator of his thoughtfulness, trimmed to perfection. This style is synonymous with the romantics and the idealists, whose depth of character is matched only by their meticulous aesthetics.

Inked Illusionist

The Inked Illusionist is a striking fusion of intricate tattoos and a beard that commands attention. His hair, pushed back with flair, allows the artistry of his ink and the dark fullness of his beard to share the spotlight. The style exudes an enigmatic allure, fitting for the man whose life is as complex and compelling as the stories etched on his skin.

The Refined Rebel

With a rebellious twirl to his mustache and a look that defies convention, the Refined Rebel captures the essence of modern rebellion. His hair, styled with a touch of wildness, contrasts with a beard that’s anything but unkempt. This style is for those who play by their own rules but always with a sense of sophistication.

The Casual Connoisseur

Casual yet classy, the Casual Connoisseur’s style is as laid-back as his demeanor. His hair, swept to the side in a relaxed manner, is a testament to his easy-going nature, while the full beard adds a touch of gravitas. It’s a look that’s perfect for the man whose approach to life is as effortless as his sense of style.

Windswept Philosopher

The Windswept Philosopher carries a look of contemplation. His hair seems tousled by the wisdom of the winds, and his beard and mustache combo whisper tales of intellect and introspection. This style is often chosen by the deep thinkers and the daydreamers, for whom every strand tells a story.

Edgy Visionary

Dark and intense, the Edgy Visionary’s style is as sharp as his foresight. With hair pushed back to reveal a bold face, his thick beard and sculpted mustache speak to a futuristic edge. It’s a style worn by those who see beyond the present, whose visionary ideas are as prominent as their striking facial hair.

The Urban Wanderer

Lastly, the Urban Wanderer’s style is rugged and unrefined, yet carries an urban polish. His beard, rich and unbridled, pairs with a mustache that spirals with creativity. This look is a badge of honor for the explorers of both the cityscapes and the landscapes of their imagination.

Vintage Virtuoso

With a swoop of the hair that takes a cue from vintage Hollywood and a beard that could tell a thousand tales, the Vintage Virtuoso is both classic and commanding. The mustache, waxed into a fine curl, adds a touch of whimsy and old-world charm, perfect for the modern man who appreciates the fusion of past and present.

The Rustic Raconteur

The Rustic Raconteur’s style whispers stories of dusty trails and fireside tales. The hair is kept simple and pushed back, allowing the full, well-groomed beard and coiled mustache to take center stage. This style speaks to those with a penchant for nostalgia and a spirit as enduring as the timeless earth.

The Urban Craftsman

Neat, slick, and with a beard that’s thick and formidable, the Urban Craftsman’s look melds the artistry of urban life with the ruggedness of the craftsman’s world. The mustache, bold and unyielding, mirrors the determined gaze of a man who builds his dreams with his own two hands.

The Contemporary Cavalier

Sporting a beard as robust as his convictions, the Contemporary Cavalier’s style is a testament to modern masculinity. The hair, with an air of casual defiance, adds to the aura of a man who rides through life with an indomitable spirit, while the mustache, curving with flair, adds a dash of gallantry.

The Soulful Strummer

Embodying the soul of the artist, the Soulful Strummer’s beard and mustache combination is as heartfelt as his melodies. The tousled hair speaks of nights spent composing under the stars, and the beard resonates with the depth of his lyrics—a style for those whose rhythm is guided by the beat of their own drum.

The Nautical Nomad

With the air of a man who’s sailed the seven seas, the Nautical Nomad’s look is a blend of wind-tossed hair and a beard that’s both wild and free. The mustache twists like the ropes on a ship, showcasing a love for adventure and a life lived amidst the waves.

The Bohemian Bard

The Bohemian Bard’s style is as lyrical as his poetry. The untamed mustache, paired with a full beard, gives him the appearance of a wanderer of worlds, both real and imagined. His windblown hair caps a look that’s meant for those who find beauty in the chaos of creation.

The Sable Stalwart

A model of masculine elegance, the Sable Stalwart wears his beard thick and his hair swept back, embodying the unyielding fortitude of the modern man. The mustache, styled to perfection, adds a refined touch to his rugged persona a look that speaks volumes of his resolute character.

Classic Full Beard with a Refined Touch

The first style we delve into exudes timeless sophistication. The full beard is meticulously groomed, with a density that speaks of careful maintenance. The mustache, distinguished by its subtle handlebar curl, adds a dash of refined flair without overpowering the face. This beard mustache style suggests a nod to vintage looks, yet remains firmly planted in contemporary style. To master this look, regular trimming is essential to maintain shape, along with a quality beard balm for a smooth, nourished finish. Ideal for the gentleman who appreciates classic styles with a modern edge, this look is as versatile as it is stylish.

The Sculpted Maverick

Next, we come across a style that boasts a striking balance between ruggedness and artistry. This beard mustache style for men features a sculpted beard with edges that contour the jawline, enhancing the face’s natural structure. The mustache is the statement piece, twirled to perfection at the ends, projecting a playful yet assertive personality. To maintain this style, one must commit to regular styling using mustache wax and perhaps even a dab of beard oil to keep the facial hair healthy and shaped throughout the day. It’s a style that complements a confident, adventurous spirit and stands out in a crowd.

Urban Edge

The third photo presents a beard mustache style that is the epitome of urban chic. The beard is kept short, highlighting the angular features of the face, while the mustache carries a whimsical elegance with its pronounced twirl. This style speaks to the modern man who thrives in the cityscape—sleek, polished, and with a touch of rebellion. Achieving this look requires precision; a good trimmer and a steady hand to keep the lines clean. This beard mustache style pairs exceptionally well with a leather jacket or a sharp suit, proving its adaptability.

Refined Wilderness

The image that follows showcases a full-bodied beard with a mustache that subtly steals the show. Its handles gracefully arch upwards, creating a look that’s both untamed and controlled. This beard mustache style is for the man who appreciates the wilderness but lives in the world of design and style. With a bit of beard mustache wax to set the mustache and a robust comb to keep the beard in check, this style is a perfect blend of wild spirit and meticulous grooming.

Salt and Pepper Sophisticate

Moving on, we encounter a beard mustache style that celebrates the grace of aging. The salt and pepper coloring adds depth and character, while the well-defined shape keeps it dapper. The mustache, with its elegant curve, frames the lips in a way that’s both bold and dignified. This beard mustache men’s style is for those who wear their years with pride and see their facial hair as a testament to their journey. It’s effortlessly chic and requires minimal upkeep, making it ideal for the man who is wise and worldly.

The Sleek Minimalist

In this image, we see a beard mustache style that embodies minimalism. The beard is trimmed short, with clean lines that pronounce a sharp jawline. The mustache is neat, complementing the beard without overtaking it. This is a style that speaks to simplicity and elegance. It’s ideal for the man who values a tidy appearance and prefers a low-maintenance routine. A daily quick trim and some light oil can keep this look fresh and modern.

From sculpted sophistication to bohemian rhapsodies, beard mustache styles are more than just facial hair – they are expressions of individuality. As we’ve explored these varied styles, each photograph a canvas of personal expression, remember that the key to any great beard mustache style is maintenance and care. Whether you choose to embody the essence of 2024’s trends or forge your own path, let your beard mustache become a hallmark of your personal style narrative.

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