Top 30 Trendsetting Summer Hairstyles for Men in 2024: From Classic Cuts to Bold New Waves

In this in-depth guide, we take a look at the 30 best summer hairstyles for men 2024, designed for different face shapes, hair types and style preferences. As an experienced hairstylist with years of experience, I cover each hairstyle, from sleek, polished looks perfect for professional settings to relaxed beach waves perfect for summer vacations. Each style is thoughtfully paired with possible settings and outfit options, helping men not only choose their next haircut, but also understand how to wear it with confidence.

The article presents a wide range of hairstyles that accentuate facial features and complement the lifestyle. Whether you’re a bold trendsetter or prefer a more subdued, classic look, these hairstyles will help you look attractive all summer long. With hairstyle options for short, medium and long hair, as well as tips on how to pair these cuts with your closet and occasions, this guide promises to be your go-to source for refreshing your look in 2024.

1. Textured Crop for the Short-Haired Enthusiast

I’m always looking forward to working this textured crop into my clients’ summer looks, especially for those with short hair. This style is particularly fetching on men with rounder faces, providing a rugged yet polished appearance. The sandy blond tones can highlight facial features superbly, enhancing the jawline and cheekbones. Picture this style in a casual office setting, a smart-casual blend of crisp white shirt and dark jeans completing the look. It’s youthful, suggesting an age range of 25-35 years, and always turns heads.

2. Sleek Side Part for Men with Beards

Next summer, I’m keen to introduce more of my clients to the sleek side part, an ideal match for men sporting beards. It’s a timeless classic that works wonders in adding a touch of sophistication. The dark hair, neatly parted, contrasts beautifully with a well-groomed beard, making it perfect for men in their mid-30s to early 40s. Imagine this look at a trendy downtown restaurant; it’s effortless charm for a night out.

3. Wavy Long Locks for the Free Spirit

For those men embracing their long hair, I recommend a wavy, tousled look that screams summer freedom. Ideal for men with oval or elongated face shapes, this style uses natural hair tones to blend into a perfect beach-ready vibe. It suits a laid-back personality, one you’d expect to see at a beach bar or a summer festival. Clothing wise, think loose linen shirts and open sandals, appealing to men who enjoy their late 20s to early 30s.

4. Buzz Cut for the Bold and Daring

I’m excited to try the classic buzz cut on more of my clients this upcoming season. It’s perfect for those without a beard, offering a sharp, clean look that enhances the facial structure. Ideal for the hot summer months, this style is best showcased in active settings like a sports event or while cruising the city streets in casual athleisure. It’s a hit among younger men, typically in their early 20s, who appreciate low maintenance yet stylish options.

5. Medium Length Charm for the Urban Professional

Come next summer, I can’t wait to style more medium length haircuts for my clients. This versatile look can be styled neat or tousled, suitable for both office environments and after-work drinks. It’s particularly flattering for men with round faces and works well with lighter hair colors like ash blonde. Envision this look paired with smart blazers and tailored trousers, perfect for men in their late 30s or early 40s looking to make a professional statement.

6. Curly Top with Fade for the Trendsetter

I plan to bring back the curly top with a tight fade for summer 2024, a standout choice for men with natural curls. This hairstyle is great for adding volume on top while keeping the sides neat, an excellent choice for those with oval faces. It’s stylish when paired with vibrant, youthful clothing styles, like bold graphic tees or stylish streetwear, and fits well in lively urban settings like cafes or art galleries. This look tends to attract men in their late 20s, who are confident and fashion-forward.

7. Refined Ivy League for Men with Short Hair

For the upcoming summer season, I’m eager to tailor the Ivy League cut for my clients with short hair. This refined style is perfect for men who prefer a classic, neat appearance that translates well across various settings, from boardrooms to golf courses. It suits a spectrum of hair colors, but a rich, dark brown gives it an extra touch of elegance. Ideal for men in their early 40s, this look can be paired with semi-formal wear like polo shirts and chinos, reflecting a mature, sophisticated vibe.

8. The Modern Pompadour for Dynamic Personalities

Next summer, I’m looking to spice up my portfolio with the modern pompadour. It’s a bold style that suits men with round faces and works well with or without a beard. The volume on top and the tapered sides create a dynamic silhouette that stands out in any crowd. Picture this hairstyle in a creative workplace or a hip bar, combined with a sharp suit or a trendy leather jacket. It’s most popular among men from 30 to 40 years old, who are not afraid to express themselves through their style.

9. Casual Tousled Bob for Long Hair Lovers

I can’t wait to introduce more of the casual tousled bob for men with long hair this summer. This effortless look is perfect for those who prefer a laid-back, bohemian style. It works best with natural, sun-kissed hair colors and complements an artistic or relaxed lifestyle. Ideal for settings like coffee shops or casual workspaces, it pairs well with loose-fitting, comfortable apparel. Targeted towards men in their early 30s, this style is for those who value comfort and style equally.

10. Sharp Military Cut for the Minimalist

This summer, I plan to focus on the sharp military cut for men preferring a no-fuss, clean look. This style is excellent for highlighting strong facial features and suits men with or without beards. It’s particularly striking on men with darker hair colors and is suited for a variety of professional and casual settings, from offices to outdoor adventures. Think of it paired with functional, minimalist clothing—ideal for men in their late 20s to mid-30s who prioritize efficiency and neatness in their personal style.

11. Flowing Layers for Men with Medium to Long Hair

Looking forward to summer 2024, I’m excited to style flowing layers for men with medium to long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for those who enjoy a more natural, relaxed look that moves with them. Light brown to blond tones work wonderfully to enhance this breezy style, making it a hit at beachside events or summer parties. It complements a youthful, free-spirited wardrobe, such as lightweight shirts and denim shorts, and is particularly appealing to men in their late 20s who embrace a carefree, stylish lifestyle.

12. Edgy Undercut for the Fashion-Forward

This summer, I’m looking forward to crafting the edgy undercut for my fashion-forward clientele. This striking style suits men who dare to stand out, with sharp contrasts between the very short sides and the voluminous top. It works exceptionally well for those with oval or square faces and can be adapted for various hair colors, though platinum or icy blond tones give it an avant-garde edge. Envision this cut in urban night scenes or fashionable events, paired with modern, sleek outfits. It appeals to men in their early to mid-30s, eager to push style boundaries.

13. Soft Faux Hawk for a Subtle Edge

Next on my list for summer 2024 is the soft faux hawk, which provides a subtle edge without the commitment of more extreme styles. It’s a fantastic choice for men with round or heart-shaped faces and can be styled in any hair color, though vibrant auburn or deep chestnut shades add an extra layer of charisma. Perfect for casual social gatherings or creative work environments, this look pairs well with artistic, casual wear. It targets men in their late 20s, blending youthful energy with a touch of nonconformity.

14. Classic Crew Cut for Timeless Appeal

I’m always ready to bring back the classic crew cut for that timeless appeal, especially during the hot summer months. This clean, practical style is ideal for men who value simplicity and ease of maintenance. It suits all face shapes and is particularly striking in salt and pepper or pure grey, embracing the natural aging process with style. Picture this look in more formal settings like corporate offices or family events, matched with classic polos and neat trousers. It’s favored by men in their 40s and 50s, who appreciate elegance and maturity in their style.

15. Long Layered Shag for the Bohemian Spirit

For summer 2024, I’m thrilled to offer the long layered shag for men who carry a bohemian spirit. This laid-back style is fantastic for elongated face shapes and looks exceptional in sun-bleached blond or earthy brown tones. It’s particularly suited for outdoor concerts or road trips, styled with vintage tees and relaxed denim. This hairstyle invites a carefree, artistic lifestyle, appealing predominantly to men in their late 20s and early 30s who are passionate about music and the arts.

16. Precise Hard Part for a Polished Look

I plan to experiment with the precise hard part more extensively next summer, perfecting a polished look that suits men with straight or slightly wavy hair. This style accentuates symmetry and structure, making it ideal for men with oval and rectangular face shapes. It shines in a professional or formal setting, think boardrooms and wedding receptions, paired with sharp suits and leather shoes. It tends to attract men in their 30s and 40s who prefer a meticulous, refined style that speaks to their ambitious personalities.

17. Beachy Waves for the Summer Casual

I’m keen to introduce more clients to the laid-back charm of beachy waves next summer. This hairstyle is ideal for men with medium-length hair looking for a carefree, yet stylish summer look. It’s especially flattering for those with round or oval faces and can be enhanced with light blonde highlights to mimic the sun’s natural effects. Perfect for weekend getaways or seaside dates, this style pairs well with casual linen shirts and shorts. It attracts men in their early to mid-30s who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and want to keep their appearance effortlessly chic.

18. Angular Fringe for Contemporary Edge

As summer 2024 approaches, I’m excited to work on angular fringe hairstyles that add a contemporary edge to any look. This cut works best on men with square or diamond-shaped faces, highlighting sharp angular features with asymmetric lines. The style is striking in rich, dark tones, adding depth and intrigue. Ideal for creative industries or urban nightlife, this look complements a trendy wardrobe, think leather jackets and designer sneakers. It’s popular with men in their late 20s to early 30s who are trendsetters in their circles.

19. Slicked Back Sophistication for Evening Events

This upcoming summer, I can’t wait to bring more slicked-back styles to the forefront, perfect for evening events and formal gatherings. This hairstyle suits men with any face shape and is particularly elegant in jet black or dark brown shades, providing a sleek, groomed appearance. Imagine this look at gala events or high-end restaurants, paired with a classic tuxedo or a tailored dark suit. It appeals to men in their 30s and 40s who command a room with their poise and sophistication.

20. Spiky Hair Thrill for the Bold Youth

I’m looking forward to styling spiky hair for the bold and youthful crowd next summer. This style is fantastic for adding height and drama, suitable for men with short hair and angular faces. Using a variety of hair colors from platinum blond to fiery red can turn this hairstyle into a statement piece. Ideal for concerts, clubs, or any fun social setting, it matches well with casual, edgy fashion like ripped jeans and graphic tees. This hairstyle is a favorite among men in their early to mid-20s who love to stand out and have fun with their look.

21. The Classic Parted Pompadour: Elegance Redefined

For summer 2024, I am excited to bring back the classic parted pompadour, which exudes elegance and a timeless vibe. This hairstyle works perfectly for men with oval and round faces, elevating their profile with voluminous hair on top and neatly tapered sides. Opting for natural hair shades or subtle highlights can enhance the pompadour’s sophistication. Picture this look at professional networking events or sophisticated social gatherings, complemented by a well-fitted blazer and polished shoes. It’s particularly appealing to men in their late 30s and 40s who appreciate classic style with a modern twist.

22. Tapered Afro for Natural Texture Enthusiasts

I’m eager to style the tapered afro more extensively next summer. This hairstyle celebrates natural texture and is an excellent choice for men who love a low-maintenance but stylish look. It suits any face shape and is particularly striking on men with darker hair colors, providing a strong, defined silhouette. Ideal for both casual and formal settings, this style pairs well with both streetwear and business casual attire. It attracts men of all ages, especially those in their late 20s to early 40s, who embrace their natural hair with pride and style.

23. Side-Swept Layers for a Dynamic Look

Looking ahead to next summer, I plan to introduce side-swept layers for a dynamic and youthful appearance. This hairstyle is fantastic for men with medium to long hair, adding movement and texture. It’s especially flattering for men with rectangular or elongated face shapes, and incorporating shades of light brown or caramel can enhance the look’s vibrancy. Imagine this style at art exhibitions or creative workshops, paired with casual yet stylish outfits. It’s favored by men in their early 30s, who are creative professionals or enthusiasts.

24. Short and Textured Quiff for Active Lifestyles

Next summer, I’m excited to offer the short and textured quiff to men who lead active lifestyles and prefer a haircut that balances style with practicality. This cut is suitable for all face shapes and looks particularly good in ash blonde or light brown tones. It’s perfect for outdoor activities or casual outings, easily styled with minimal product for a rugged, natural finish. Paired with sporty or casual wear, this hairstyle is popular among men in their 20s who value both comfort and style.

25. Rugged Buzz Cut with a Twist

I’m looking forward to transforming more looks with a rugged buzz cut with a twist next summer. This low-maintenance style is elevated by incorporating subtle textural differences or slight color variations like a soft grey or peppered black. It’s incredibly flattering for men with strong jawlines and works well in any setting, from the gym to the office. Think of this style paired with functional, modern attire—ideal for men in their 30s who prioritize efficiency and a clean aesthetic in their personal grooming.

26. The Refined Gentleman’s Slick-Back

I’m eager to work with the slick-back style, which lends an air of refined sophistication perfect for the summer. This style suits men with rectangular and square face shapes, creating a polished look that stretches from the boardroom to upscale evening events. A dark, glossy hair color enhances its elegance, making it ideal for formal attire such as suits and dress shoes. It’s a favorite among men in their 40s who seek a hairstyle that commands respect and exudes confidence.

27. Effortless Mid-Length Waves for Summer Breezes

This summer, I can’t wait to introduce more of my clients to effortless mid-length waves. It’s a fantastic style for men with oval or heart-shaped faces, giving a relaxed yet stylish look that’s perfect for beach outings or casual cafe meet-ups. Lighter hair colors like golden blond or soft chestnut add a sunny charm to the waves. Paired with loose shirts and comfortable shorts, this hairstyle is popular among men in their late 20s to early 30s who want to embody a laid-back, approachable vibe.

28. Bold High-Top Fade for the Style Icon

Looking forward to summer 2024, I’m excited to bring the high-top fade into sharper focus. This bold, statement-making style suits men who aren’t afraid to showcase their personality and prefer a look that’s both retro and modern. It works particularly well for round and oval face shapes, highlighting facial features with its structured height. Imagine this cut at vibrant city festivals or during trendy nightlife events, paired with urban-streetwear. It appeals to men in their early to mid-30s, who are trendsetters in their communities.

29. Contemporary Caesar Cut for a Clean Look

Next summer, I plan to revive the contemporary Caesar cut for those seeking a clean and stylish appearance. This haircut is excellent for men with round faces as it frames the face neatly with short, horizontal bangs. Soft ash or deep ebony tones can enhance the classic appeal of this style, making it suitable for both office environments and social gatherings. Paired with smart-casual outfits, it’s favored by men in their late 30s who appreciate a neat, unpretentious style.

30. Layered Bob for an Artistic Flair

I’m looking forward to styling more layered bobs next summer, perfect for men who want to add an artistic flair to their look. This versatile cut suits all face shapes and is particularly appealing in vibrant or unusual hair colors, such as pastel tones or deep burgundy. The layers give a sense of movement and creativity, ideal for those in creative professions or hobbies. Styled with eclectic or vintage clothing, this hairstyle is a hit with men in their 30s who are artistic souls, ready to stand out in any crowd.

As we wrap up our review of the trendiest men’s haircuts for summer 2024, remember that the best hairstyle for you is the one that not only looks great, but also fits your lifestyle and personality. Whether you choose a bold high-tip haircut or sophisticated textured bangs, each haircut offers a unique way to express yourself while staying cool and stylish in the summer heat. Embrace the new season with confidence by choosing the hairstyle that best reflects your individual style, and enjoy being looked back on wherever you go.

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